Gasp Denim shirt

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Denim shirt has a unique GASP look!

This great looking shirt is developed together with our GASP athletes to get the right fit. It's loaded with GASP attitude such as heavy contrast stitches and raw bottom edge. The GASP badge at chest and sleeve as well as a huge embroidery covering the back adds to the right attitude. We expect only the most committed athletes to wear this product.

You got to have a load of muscles to wear this shirt, if you don¬īt.....

Details such as more space for the chest and back and increased bicep width make this shirt really functional. The longer sleeve plackets make it easy to roll up the sleeves even though you have huge forearms.

IMPORTANT INFO! This garment is washed and treated with attitude! Not all garments are created equal; every garment is treated by hand, has a unique look and may change after wash! Colors and wash effects will be different from garment to garment and are not necessarily identical with the product images!

Quality: 100% cotton

Fit: Loose fit, tailored with room for a huge upper body and shaped waistline.

Size: M-XXXL

Gasp kokotaulukko

Rinta: 92-100 100-108 108-115 115-123 123-130
Vyötärö: 74-82 82-90 90-98 98-106 106-114
Lantion ympärys: 95-101 101-107 107-113 113-120 120-132
Lahkeen sisämitta: 78-80 80-82 82-84 84-85 85-86

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